NBG digital press event “Mazi. Etsi pername stin epomeni mera.”

NBG digital press event “Mazi. Etsi pername stin epomeni mera.”

The Request

NBG needed to present its new, fully-featured digital platform of services and its new cutting-edge service model for businesses and professionals. As the pandemic era imposed, the presentation needed to be completely digital.

The Challenge

Yet another digital event? We had successfully designed and produced many digital events during the pandemic. But this time, it needed to be more… It needed to be more than passing information in a smart way and beautifully presenting something new. Participants needed to capture the magnitude of innovation and change of NBG’s new digital offering for business. They also needed to stay engaged throughout, resisting to the usual nuances of the home/office.

The Insight

Post-production videos, interviews, fillers etc, usually embellish presentations both physical or virtual and act as a bridging to speekers and presentations. As this time we wanted to stand out, we had to go for more. For the first time in this kind of events, we decided to go with a more cinematic approach and combine multiple techniques like shootings in natural spaces with drones and hand-held cameras, together with 3D animations and after effects. The rich pre-rendered pieces were to blend perfectly with the live parts of the event like the Q&A and create a smooth, seamless and rivetting digital experience to all participants.

Based on the chosen digital platform, we produced and created all the necessary relevant material such as the e-nvitation with automatic online registration, the virtual lobby for the guests to wait untlil the start of the event, pre-rendered presentations of the executives on a set with scenography and dynamic screens, and of course, many, many videos; an intro one with impressive outdoor shootings, one dedicated to Greek businessmen, one that presented in a lyrical way the constant dialogue of NBG with its clients, many testimonials from small and big customers and even more filer videos, signed by the strong visual identity and the cutting-edge approach. The 17 videos in total, the harmonious alterations of presentations with videos that added plenty of rythm and verve and the extremely elegat and futiristic visual identity, contributed to the resounding comments of all the participants.

Overall, we managed to create an online experience “sealed” by the rich audiovisual material, the strong visual identity and the technical perfection.

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