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It’s been an incredible awards week! Our multi-winning campaigns Triumph Talks and K-mers: Here to Play scooped 11 Social Media Awards 2021, including a Platinum Award, while our digital event for National Bank of Greece brought home yet another Events Award! We are so excited and proud when challenging projects we put our heart and […]

5 Gold and 2 Silver Awards for our amazing JNLeoussis team! Once again, our K-Mers Here to Play for Kotsovolos and Learn with Ethniki for NBG campaigns, brought home a whole bunch of beautiful Content Marketing Awards! We are happy, proud and ready to hit the beach! #ContentMarketingAwardsgr

Our winning campaigns stood out in the INFLUENCER MARKETING Awards 2020 and scored 10 awards! It was a fun ride working for these multi-awarded campaigns (K-mers “HERE TO PLAY”, powered by Kotsovolos, “DECO mood-board” by NEF-NEF and “Learn with Ethniki” by National Bank of Greece). Our selected influencers were ideal for the campaigns and did […]

Our award collection just grew a little bit bigger! Three Bronze and one Silver in the Social Media Awards 2020! Our Senior Informative campaign for National Bank of Greece and our #MENOUMESPITI and White Papers campaigns for Elpedison, stood out and hit the bull’s eye! We couldn’t have been happier…!

The request Our client, Philips, wished to promote its PerfectCare Elite Plus GC9682/80 and PerfectCare Elite GC9635/20 Ironing Systems to a younger target group, through digital media. The challenge The timing of the campaign coincided with the transition to the post-lockdown period, where sanitizing one’s clothes and face-masks has become crucial to staying safe. So, […]

The request The Covid-19 outbreak has made e-banking a necessity, as going to the bank is no longer the safest option. National Bank of Greece, the bank senior citizens traditionally bank with, has the responsibility to make e-banking accessible, easy and appealing, so that senior citizens are not only facilitated, but also protected. The challenge […]

The request  Once Covid-19 pandemic hit Greece, the #stayhome national campaign quickly launched in all media across the country, in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus. National Bank of Greece, in full alignment with the guidelines of the authorities, needed a TV campaign to encourage its customers to use its digital and mobile services in order to stop flocking to its br

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