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Philips Ironing Battles

The request

Our client, Philips, wished to promote its PerfectCare Elite Plus GC9682/80 and PerfectCare Elite GC9635/20 Ironing Systems to a younger target group, through digital media.

The challenge

The timing of the campaign coincided with the transition to the post-lockdown period, where sanitizing one’s clothes and face-masks has become crucial to staying safe. So, there was a quick “window” of opportunity where more people than usual would be interested in ironing.

The insight

The ramped-up interest in ironing should be accelerated by adding some fun to it. Ironing is usually a solitary and boring business, so the effort to make it interactive and fun appeared as the key to impacting more people.

The campaign

We launched the # Philips Ironing Battles. An influencer campaign οn Instagram, where 4 selected influencers: Myrto Kazi, Grigoris Gkountaras, Dimitris Ouggarezos and Katerina Zarifi would challenge their followers to a live IG Ironing Battle, using Philips’ Ironing Systems.

Step 1

The Philips Ironing Battles Campaign started with each of the 4 influencers made a call to their followers to post a story of themselves ironing with their Philips iron, using our hashtag.

Step 2

Each influencer, selected one lucky participant to confront live on Instagram, in a furious iron battle. The clothes they would have to iron in the battle were 2 shirts, 2 denim jeans and 2 cotton face masks. No matter the outcome, the participant would also win a Philips Ironing System.

During the battle, the Ironing Systems were featured and commented upon, but there were also plenty of mentions on the importance of sanitizing our clothes and face-masks through ironing.

Step 3

To attract more viewers and reach a wider audience, we gave out another prize; the viewer who would be the first to answer questions on the Philips Ironing System posed by the influencer at the end of each battle, would also win an Ironing System, PerfectCare GC9635/20.

The campaign unraveled gradually, featuring one influencer at a time. It was enhanced with teaser posts in our Facebook account and a number of CTA posts in the influencers’ accounts.

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